Circulation Service

A. Documents that can and cannot be borrowed: Textbooks and subject books can be borrowed. Reference Books and Costly Books cannot be borrowed.
B. Fines/ Overdue: For all overdue books fine will be collected from all students/ faculty/ staff. While returning the books, the fine will be calculated by the library. The students/ faculty/ staff have to remit the amount at the library counter and sign in the fine register.
C. Loss/ Mutilation of Documents by users and Policy for Compensating Loss: Replacement of Book (latest edition) with fine, if the book cannot be replaced collect double the cost of the book with fine.
D. Replacement of Book :

If the user loses/damages a book, he/she has to return the exact/latest edition of the book to the Library with admissible fines and processing fee.

A Xerox or photocopy of a book shall not be acceptable in lieu of a printed book.

A softcover or low priced edition will not be accepted in lieu of a hardcover edition.

E. Privileges, Duration & Fine:
Circulation Policy:
Users Category Entitlement Loan Period Renewals Fine
Regular Faculty 8 Books Entire Semester No Rs. 5.00/Day
Contract Faculty 6 Books Entire Semester No Rs. 5.00/Day
Non-Teaching Staff 4 Books 15 Days 02 Rs. 5.00/Day
PhD Student 6 Books 15 Days 02 Rs. 5.00/Day
PG Student 4 Books 15 Days 02 Rs. 5.00/Day
UG Student 3 Books 15 Days 02 Rs. 5.00/Day
Visiting /Guest Faculty Only reference NA NA NA
Note: Beyond due date Rs 5/- per/day/book for 1 month. In case of non-return of the books or non-payment of fine, the library facility will not be extended to them and the cost of the books along with fine will be recovered from student’s caution deposit money/ from the salary of the Non-Teaching Staff/ faculty:
Note: Max. 2 renewals. If the book is reserved by others no renewal allowed.: