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020 _a9789280115796
082 _a623.88
110 _aInternational Maritime Organization
245 _aModel course 1.39: Leadership and teamwork
250 _a2014 Edition
260 _aLondon
_bInternational Maritime Organization
300 _av, 68 p.
440 _aModel course
504 _aCourse framework Course outline and timetable Detailed teaching syllabus Instructor manual Evaluation Guidance on the implementation of IMO model courses
520 _aThis model course is intended to provide a person with the knowledge, skill and understanding of leadership and teamwork at the operational level on board a ship. The course is designed to meet STCW requirements for the application of leadership and team working skills, in accordance with the 2010 Manila Amendments, specifically as stated in table A-II/1, A-III/1 and A-III/6, Function: Controlling the operation of the ship and care for persons on board at the operational level.
650 _aMerchant marine - Officers - Training of
650 _aNavigation - Safety measures
650 _aSeamanship - Study and teaching
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